Devil's Marlbeyard

Devil's Marlbeyard
Devil's Marlbeyard

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Peach Festival, Chairs, Woodloft, and ER

Wow a lot can happen in a few days around here!  We had a very pleasant weekend.  Saturday we went to downtown Roanoke and enjoyed peach shakes at the Peach Festival. We got fresh fruit from the farmer's while we were there.
Alli and Zack enjoy peach shakes

Sunday morning began with Alli and Bubba working on (and finishing) a project they began in May-refinishing our old rockers.  It required lots of sanding and then painting of a base coat and then finally a new fresh coat of paint.  They selected the color together.  Here are the before and after pictures:

In progress


After they finished, we headed to Woodloft for our summer birthday bash.  Woodloft is my mother & father's home. We celebrated all of the summer birthdays: Aunt Rose, Uncle Charlie, Uncle Cameron, Marcy, and Uncle Lewis.  It was a fun day of swimming and eating!


Uncle Jim and Aunt Rose

Alli & Nina (my mother) serve smoked salmon salads

Dinner-clockwise from left: Bubba, Lewis, Charlie, Cameron,
Kelli, Nakisa (Cam's girlfriend), Nina

The kids chose to eat inside
Alli, Zack, Marcy & Beth

Birthday scene

Overall it was a great day! 
Monday came and this meant Alli going to her first day of drama camp at Showtimers Theater. She looks forward to this all year. This is the 5th year she has gone.  More on that after the show on Friday. Zack went to the first official cross country practice at 8am and then to his internship that night.  Tuesday came and more of the same, drama camp and Zack to cross country run that night at Greenhill Park, until after the run. Zack's toe was severely infected!  He has such a tolerance for pain!! He ran with the team for over an hour.  When he got home and we saw him limping, he showed us his toe.  By this time he had a high fever and chills along with the swollen, purple toe with a black toenail and read streaks leading up his foot.  Of course we headed to the emergency room at about 9pm.  Luckily it wasn't a real busy time then and we got in pretty quickly and when all was said and done we were in bed by midnight.  He is now taking two types of antibiotics, soaking his foot 4 times per day, keeping it elevated and will have to see a podiatrist on Friday to have the nail removed and possible other surgery. 

This is the day after the ER visit

He was told not to work for at least 5 days. He is worried that Bojangles will be disappointed in him. He had to call in sick one day last week due to pinkeye, which we are now battling in his other eye.
I am thinking this may be the end of the cross country team for Zack but we will wait to hear what the podiatrist says.  We had Zack fitted for good running shoes at Fleet Feet and when his toenails began turning black, we went back and had them fit him again.  They were very kind but stuck with the fitting and said it was correct and they suggested we buy inserts for the shoes.  We did and then this happens! Poor Zack.

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  1. Kirsten! Congratulations on your new blog. I love the name and everything about it. I'm so glad you have decided to blog, now I will be able to find out more of what is happening at the Printz household.

    I'm so sorry about Zack's toe. Charlie also used to have a very high tolerance for pain. Remember how he limped around with a broken collar bone and never told anyone?

    I'm placing you on my blogroll immediately. The Dysfunctional Familie(correct spelling) Blog
    is limping along but I am not by any means caught up with it. Pretty hard managing 2 blogs!